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.comUnity ?! by Ella Filar

Vaudevillian Spectacle that Chills with Goth Charcoal Humor & Cool Scripts !!! Sizzles with Hot Musical Numbers!! Dilates with dysfunctional familial relationships. Dangles with more cast-off cut-off umbilical cords then the local maternity ward. Titillates with M-umbilical discord. A Primal Scream not to be missed. Get Real-Estate - Takes a trip on Route 86 and savors the unique flavors of the socio – economic and cultural cocktail of the Streets of Yarra.

Photography type: dress rehearsal

Year: 2008

Venue: Carlton Courthouse Theatre, Carlton

Production Company: La Mama Theatre, Melbourne

Director: Ella Filar

Written by: Lindesay Dresden

Cast: Miranda Troynar, Lindesay Dresden, Fletcher Dyson, Justin Grant, Ray LamSam, Carolyn Masson, Doug Montgomery, Cat Thomas, Myriam Weiner, Claire Wyles, Jonathan Wicken

Production: Music and Songs by Ella Filar, Blind Man written by Lindesay Dresden, Set and Lighting Design - Chris Molyneux

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