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Dimboola (2008)

In celebration of the 39th anniversary of Jack Hibberd’s iconic play “Dimboola”’s premiere at La Mama Theatre in 1969, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre have decided to do it all again, staying as faithful to the original production as possible. “Dimboola” is the wedding reception of Morrie McAdam, a Protestant to Reen Delaney, a Catholic. The two families come together for the wedding which playwright Jack Hibberd calls: “the testing of strengths of the newly conjugated tribes...” The family members try to preserve social grace and dignity in the face of impending disasters. And disasters there galore! After the grog has flowed a little too freely, mayhem and humour ensues when the families exchange insults and punches, as they resolve to come to terms with the situation. It is said to be Australia’s most performed play, with more Australians having seen ‘Dimboola” than any other musical, comedy or play - “Timeless, riotous marital mayhem - a memorable evening at the theatre” reviewed ‘The Age’.

Photography type: production stills

Year: 2008

Venue: La Mama Theatre, Carlton

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre and La Mama Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Director: Robert Chuter

Producer: Douglas Montgomery

Production: Jack Hibberd - playwright, Dayna Morrissey - designer, ‘Lional Driftwood and the Pile Drivers ’ - band: Laurence Hewson, Tim Carstein, Joe Scanlon and Keiran King

Cast: Marie-Therese Byrne, David Foster, Robynne Kelly, Christopher Pender, Daniel McBurnie, Renee Palmer, Phil Roberts, Sam Shore, Dylan Lloyd, David Macrae, Jason Buckley, Lachlan Macleod, Juliana Clements, Ray Hare, Margaret Younger, Natasha Jacobs, Liz McColl and Marc Opitz

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