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All That I Will Ever Be

Creator of “Six Feet Under” and ‘True Blood’, academy award winning screenwriter Alan Ball’s darkly funny tale of cultural provocation is seen through the eyes of Omar. Omar is a male hustler and part-time salesman who looks vaguely Middle Eastern, especially when he is identifying himself as Farouk, the Arabian Stallion. Sometimes, though, he is Greek God Demetrius or Carlito, the Latin Lover. Omar's main personality trait is that he tells different stories to different people, making it difficult to separate the lies from the truths. It's as Farouk that he meets Dwight, and the pair soon form a relationship that is based as much on the different traumas that have defined both of their lives as it is on their physical attraction for one another. Dwight is a wounded soul, still hurting from the long-ago suicide of his mother and perpetually angry at his wealthy father. Yet, even as Dwight and Omar draw closer, Omar's past continues to be shrouded in doubt, causing the audience, as well as some of the play's characters, to wonder if he's dangerous, unstable, or maybe even a terrorist. Cameron Woodhead writes in ‘The Age’ - “A large, talented cast, stylish production values, and Robert Chuter’s swift and assured direction make this an unusually accomplished offering.”

Photography type: rehearsed reading

Year: 2012

Venue: The Gallery, Chapel Off Chapel

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall theatre as part of the Midsumma Festival

Director: Robert Chuter

Producer: Robert Chuter

Cast: Christian Heath, Francisco Lopez, Sarah Roberts, Jackson Raine, Sebastian Gunner, Phil Roberts, Ian Rooney, Blessing Mokgohloa , Benjamin Charles, Luke O’Sullivan and hosted by Anton Enus

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