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Defaced: The Exhibition

“Defaced: The Exhibition’ was a mixed media art installation by artist Josie Wadelton focusing on infamous books which have been banned, burned and defaced. Actors as characters perform segments from the books as part of the installation. Segments featured ‘American Psycho’, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, “Lolita”, “The Well of Loneliness”, “Junkie” and “Mein Kampf.”

Photography type: production stills

Year: 2010

Venue: Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Director: Robert Chuter

Producer: Josie Wadelton

Production: Josie Wadelton and Robert Chuter - producers, Josie Wadelton - graphic designer

Cast: Christopher Pender, Robynne Kelly, Angus Brown, Marc Opitz, Jason Buckley and Benjamin Byrne and musical performances by Ruth Rogers-Wright and Mark Fitzgibbon on piano.

Notes: The event was opened by writer and former editor of ‘Meanjin’ Ian Britain.

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