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Half a Person: My Life as Told by the Smiths (Season III)

‘Half A Person: My Life as told by the Smiths”’ is a one-man show peppered with 12 songs by the melancholic Morrisey and The Smiths. As anyone familiar with the band would expect, there is a side serve of black humour and lashings of angst. The quiff wearing, William, is a self-obsessed young man juggling three loves. The first is Salome - a Gothic ice queen he meets at a Brunswick Street cafe reading Oscar Wilde. The sex is great, but will their torrid affair survive subculture-hopping and dates to the cemetery? William has a more intimate, complex friendship with Rick - an older gay man who is cultured, famous ... and dying.

Photography type: promotional and production stills

Year: 2010

Venue: Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Director: Robert Chuter

Producer: Alex Broun

Production: Alex Broun - playwright, Robert Chuter - costume and set designer, Simon Polinski and Colin Berwick - music recreation and soundtrack, Natalie Burley - make-up and hair, Chris Mertens - movement coach, Tash Milton Taylor - stage manager, Stephanie Kleeman - lighting operator, Alicia Hollingsworth - vocal coach, Tracey bartlett - graphic designer and Tatia sloley - publicist

Cast: Mark Taylor

Half A Person - promotional images

Half A Person - production stills

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