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The Professor

Charlotte Brontë’s William Crimsworth, not a sympathetic character, is starting a new employment as a clerk, working for his brother Edward, a rich mill-owner. However, William finds Edward impossible to get along with – he is cruel and cold-hearted and treats William badly. Finding himself out of work again, William takes the advice of another businessman, Mr. Hunsden and travels to Belgium to teach English at a boys’ school in Brussels. Here he becomes involved with two very different women: one is beautiful Zoraide Reuter, the headmistress of the neighbouring girls’ school, and the other is a plain friendless student-teacher, Frances Henri. Prolific director Robert Chuter “perfectly captures the loneliness and isolation a man might feel on arriving in an unfamiliar country with no money and without a friend in the world.”

Photography type: rehearsed reading

Year: 2010

Venue: FortyfiveDownstairs, Melbourne

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Director: Robert Chuter

Producer: Robert Chuter and Julia Britton

Production: Julia Britton - playwright and adaptor and Debra Macleod, cellist.

Cast: Marissa Bennett, Benjamin Byrne, Naomi Hill, Aaron J. March, Sally McLean, Christopher Pender, Phil Roberts, Mark Taylor and hosted by Marie-Therese Byrne.

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