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Evolution of Incompetence

Three short plays in one night of hilarity, written by Kieran King. Sock is Two not very well off characters meet on a train station... somewhere. Where Flannel places you on the battlefield during the Second World War and we meet a Colonel who has no idea. While Sex, Hospital folds, and Egyptian sheets' has Ron and Sharon decide to play hire and fire in their office.

Photography type: dress rehearsal

Year: 2009

Event: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009

Venue: La Mama Theatre

Company: Broken Mirror Productions

Director: Keiran King, Douglas Montgomery and Charlie Ranger

Cast: Nick Barker-Pendree, Matthew Bolger-Hobson, Juliana Clements, Robynne Kelly, Sean Weatherly

Production: La Mama Theatre and Wee Arthur Productions

Written by: Keiran King

Dress rehearsal

First rehearsal

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