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Taken In

After a string of failed relationships have left him crushed the otherwise conservative Marc finds himself crawling through late night cruising spots of the city’s boy hustlers. Through fate or coincidence, he finds and instantly connects with Danny, a young runaway who’s a seasoned veteran with the tricks. When Marc brings Danny back to his apartment for company, what starts as one night turns into two, three and before long, Marc has fully taken Danny in. But old habits die hard and although Marc may be secure, he is anything but wise and Danny is about to teach him the hardest lesson of his adult life.

Photography type: rehearsed reading

Year: 2012

Venue: The Gallery, Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran

Company: Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre as part of the Midsumma’s Playing-In-The-Raw at The Chapel

Director: Sean Mulchay

Producer: Robert Chuter

Production: John W. Lowell - playwright

Cast: Benjamin Byrne and Matthew Richard Walsh

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