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Woman In The Window

Anna Akhmatova, the internationally famous Russian poet, must appear in her window twice a day, to satisfy the secret police that she's still obeying house arrest. Across a gulf of years, in two different but similar worlds, two women struggle with surveillance and control as they contemplate the true meaning of freedom. The plot alternates between the dark and gloom of early-1950’s Russia, where poet Anna Akhmatova (Milijana Cančar) and Lilli Kalinovskya (Joanne Trentini) work to preserve the former’s huge body of poetry and other literature for future generations, under the constant watch of Stalin’s police. Neighbour Tusya (Stevie Hall) dutifully frets over her neighbors and soon realizes what her friendship with Anna and Lilli may cost her.

Photography type: dress rehearsal

Year: 2011

Venue: Brunswick Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre

Company: Broken Mirror Productions

Director: Douglas Montgomery

Written by: Alma de Groen

Cast: Milijana Cancar, Madeleine Stewart, Joanne Trentini, Anthony Winnick, Stevie Hall, Tristan Hollands, Nicole Omeara

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