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Melborn08 7th Annual Short Play Competition

From 183 short play submissions to the MWT, 10 plays were presented and had rehearsed readings from the Top 30 playlist over three nights. The Top 30 short plays were brought to life by some of Melbourne’s most talented playwrights, actors and directors. The plays were chosen for their ideas, for their theatricality and most of all for their potential to provide meaning and enjoyment to audiences. They were presented in a mixture of styles and topics but each had something unique to say about the human condition. Selected plays were given a fully staged production later that year at the La Mama Courthouse Theatre under the guidance and creative contribution of Artistic Director Robert Chuter.

Photography type: rehearsed readings
Year: 2008
Venue: Australian Centre of Performing Arts (ACOPA), North Melbourne
Company: Melbourne Writers Theatre
Directors: Matt Scholten, Robert Chuter, Laurence Strangio, Bruce Cochrane, David Rock and Lucien Savron
Producer: Douglas Montgomery
Artistic director: Robert Chuter

Production: Anthony Breslin - wall paintings, Laura Smith - production assistance, Christopher Pender and Marc Opitz - interns, Matthew West - graphic design, Douglas Mongomery - lighting design, Miranda Troyner - violinist, David Foster, Christopher Pender and Marc Opitz - stage direction readers and photography by GB Photography Melbourne

Writers: Nathan Curnow, Julia Britton, Dina Ross, Tom Taylor, Alex Broun, Phoebe Hartley, Colin Ryan, Natalie Faulkner, Brooke Fairley, Jane Miller, Tom Smith, Melita Rowston, Traicee Evison-riffin, Mark Andrew, Christine Croydon, Cerise de Gelder, Noelle Janaczewska, Angus Brown, Brett Steel, Bruce Shearer, Kate Toon, Therese Cloonan, Catherine Krejany, George Huxley, David Kemp, Bruce Nettheim, Brett Danalake and Iain Triffit

Casts: Nicola Wright, Kate Doherty, Juliana Clements, Liz McColl, Jason Buckley, Christopher Pender, Daniel McBurnie, Robynne Kelly, Frances Hutson, Jonathan Wood, Ray Hare, Francesca Waters, Anthony Winnick, Michael Wahr, Moni Lai Storz, Liam McIntrye, Margaret Younger, Marc Opitz, Saskia Post, David Foster, Douglas Montgomery and Brenda Palmer

Performance nights

Monday night was hosted by Alex Broun
Playlist #1 featured: “Foul”, “Space Travel Unlimited”, “Masterpiece”, “Drip” and “Cate Blanchett Wants to be My Friend on Facebook”
Playlist #2 featured: “The Letter”, “Evelina”, “The Great Ocean Road”, “Ticking Boxes” and “A Cup of Sugar”

Tuesday night was hosted by Rob George
Playlist #3 featured: “Caffeinated Love”, “Cyber”, “The Diver”, “The First Fireworks” and “The Controlled Use of Heroin”
Playlist #4 featured: “Lovely Bits”, “Love Your Poison”, “Unsafe Sex”, Duet with a Dictionary” and “The Needle and the Damage Done”

Tuesday night was hosted by Ray Mooney
Playlist #5 feature: “The Goldfinders”, “Hunting for a Replica”, “Love Bomb”, “Nice Night Out” and “The Trick”
Playlist #6 featured: “Music of Orpheus”, “Sushi Wushi Wood”, “Empty Vessel”, “Ten Years” and “Cross Lines”

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