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19:84 Up Late

Based on George Orwell's novel, a very ambitious and interesting production by Melbourne based artist and Director - James Adler. According to Arts Hub "This multidisciplinary production was unlike any I had seen before, combining an original music score, physical theatre and film to merge the story of “1984” into the game-show world of “Big Brother Up Late” wherein the audience, at the coaxing of a Gretel Killeen style host, was invited to actively participate in the downfall of the plays main protagonists. In the central role of the hapless Winston a civil servant assigned the task of perpetuating the regime's propaganda by falsifying records and political literature, fledgling actor Corey Corbett was impressive - his characterization of a man grown disillusioned with his meagre existence moved to a rebellion that leads to his arrest and torture in turns both moving and chilling. So too, Claire Healey as Julie, the closet anarchist and object of Winston’s burgeoning love who fans the flames of his rebellion was amazing".

Photography type: dress rehearsal

Year: 2009

Venue: Northcote Town Hall

Company: Eagle's Nest Theatre: www.eaglesnesttheatre.com

Director: James Adler

Producer: Mark Crees

Production: Kate Buttery - Assistant Director, Lucy Birkinshaw - Lighting Designer, James Antonio Masefield - Movement Director, David Howell - Musical Director, Nela Trifkovic - Composer

Cast: Cory Corbett - Actor, John Latham - Actor, Becca Posterino - Actor, Farhad Zaiwala - Actor, Paul Bongiorno - Performer, Ali Bonnelle - Performer, Nadine Dimitrievitch - Performer, David Howell - Performer, Michael Killian - Performer, Tracey-Lee Mellier - Performer, Meredith Newman - Performer, David Noga - Performer, Bianca Eden - Musician

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